Trollface (Troll face, Coolface) is a black and white image of a face with a big naughty grin that is meant to describe the expression that someone makes while trolling. Posting a Troll face image into a thread is often used to claim that someone was been fooled or intentionally infuriated. The image commonly appears in rage comics indicating the character is being mischievous in some way.

Anyway Trollface is an Internet meme, and you could hardly use it IRL, e.g. instead Anonymous mask (V for Vendetta mask) or just in live chats.

Once you've got the Trollface mask you can use it wherever you want IRL and keep trolling.

Trollface mask

Our Trollface masks are made of plastic with an elastic strap for a perfect fit. One size fits most teens to adults.

Troll face mask for sale  Troll face mask

 Having a masquerade ball or celebrating Halloween? Preparing for some party or just got bored?

Surprise everyone with the Trollface mask! Be yourself! Get creative! Take your camera, make funny videos with people's reaction and post them on youtube.

Want to attend riots, protests or any other mass gatherings? Wearing the Trollface mask is a perfect way to stay anonymous doing whatever you want and having fun!


Trollface mask  Trollface mask: in the car

Trollface mask: troll with the speed of light  Troll face mask - PROBLEM, OFFICER?

 Btw, there are some videos on youtube.

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We ship our Trollface masks within 2 business days of receiving the payment.

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